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International Journal of Educational Feedback and Applied Linguistics (IJEFAL), a bi-annual, peer-reviewed journal published by ‘Center for Academic Research and Development (CARD)’, the research unit of Hello-Teen Society (Registration no: 13170) welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and excellence from home and abroad. We invite the scholars, academicians, and researchers of different fields to submit their manuscripts to IJEFAL that tends to become a scholarly peer-reviewed international standard research journal. Original and empirical research & review articles, opinions, proposals, book reviews, case studies, surveys, concept papers, critical essays, short communications, and pedagogical issues are mostly preferred for publication. IJEFAL is a multidisciplinary research journal with a particular focus on scientific methods of education in Bangladesh.

Authors should mention their names, affiliations, designation, address, mobile numeral, and e-mail address so that the executive members of the Editorial Board can quickly contact them. Authors are warmly encouraged to submit complete, unpublished, and original works that are not under review in other journals. IJEFAL is published twice a year, once in June and another in December. However, the submission, review, acceptance or rejection are continuous processes.  

Articles submitted after the deadline will be considered for review in the next issue. You can also contact the managing editor about manuscript submission and related queries.

IJEFAL Submission Guidelines

  1. Language: English & Bangla
  2. Title must be concise and informative in 10 pt. capital font. (Better limited to 15 words)
  3. The Title Page of the manuscripts must include the title, affiliations (Designation, Department and Institution, Address, contact numbers and e-mail of corresponding author) of researcher/s (not more than three authors), a precise abstract within 120-170 words and 4-6 key words/phrases only.
  4. Corresponding Author: Clearly mention who will be the sole responsible for handling all the matters related to publication by putting a star (*) after author’s name.
  5. The manuscripts should have main text typed in 10 pt. Times New Roman font. The sequence should be as per the following chronology (except the literary criticisms):
    Author’/s’ name/s and affiliations
    Abstract (Briefly discuss the ‘Subject Matter, Objectives, Methods, Findings’)
    Keywords (four to six)
    Introduction (General Introduction, Problem Statement, Rationale, Study Periods)
    Objective/s (General and Specific)
    Literature Review
    Findings and Discussion
    Recommendations (if any)

  6. Short communications may or may not have heading and subheading etc. but references should be listed as usual.  Research Papers (2,500-3,500 words in length) and short communications (not more than 1,500-2,000 words in length) will be considered. Articles having more words than the limit may be subjected to extra fees.
  7. The line space will be 1-inch with all justified paragraphs except the linguistic research papers. The language related research papers shouldn’t be justified anyway.
  8. Headings and Sub Headings should be of 10 pt. All sub sections should have a terse heading. Each heading should appear on its own separate line.
  9. Two (2) hard copies of article(s) to be submitted to the ‘Managing Editor’ of the journal in font 12, Times New Roman on A4 size papers. Electronic submission is also considerable.
  10. References must be consistent for APA 7th or MLA 8th citation style. All references must have in-text citations.
  11. The Authors have to take full responsibility for the content of their Paper. The submitted manuscript should not contain any unlawful statement.
  12. When a paper is accepted for publication the ‘Corresponding Author’ will be informed by Email. Hereafter the Author should prepare the final version of the paper according to the IJEFAL Guidelines for Paper Submission.
  13. Please note that we do not usually consider the articles having more than three Nevertheless, the consideration may depend on the manuscript type.
  14. REVIEW & PARCEL FEES: (Applicable only if the article is accepted.)
  15. IJEFAL publishes the manuscripts that contribute beyond excellence with no fees upon recommendation by the Editorial Board.
  16. Manuscripts should be submitted through e-mail at: